Sunday, January 21, 2018

RTS Chassis originated in 1988 in Terry Schaeffer’s parents’ garage and in 2001 expanded to our current location.  We now operate in a 9000 square foot facility, which included a 1200 square foot showroom for customer convenience.  Terry single-handedly started this business, and we now employ eight full time and one part time professionals to better serve your needs.

Terry Schaeffer, owner and operator of RTS Chassis is also an accomplished race driver.  Terry raced ¼ midgets for 10 years.  He then spent the next several years on the pit crews of the Joe Harz sprinter and Toby Tobias, Jr modified.  In 1985 he decided it was time for him to return to driving and he began his career in micro sprints.  The first RTS Chassis was built and the rest is history.  Like sprint cars, the initial RTS car was built with four bar torsion suspension.  This was a revolutionary advancement at the time, as all micro sprints were coil over.  Terry is also a certified machinist and welder, he is considered to be one of the top car builders in the United States.

The bottom rail of an RTS Chassis is constructed of 1 1/8” x .083 4130 tubing.  The cage is 1 ¼” x .083 4130 tubing for the 250 and 600.  The 600 bottom rail is 1 ¼” x .065 4130.  Our 1000cc cage is 1 3/8” x .083 4130.  All the materials used by RTS are made in the USA, they always have been and always will be.  All the tubing is bent on a CNC bender.  All of our frames are TIG welded for added stability.  The major difference between RTS cars and many other cars is that RTS cars are built with thicker walled tubing.  This makes them slightly heavier, but we view this as an advantage for safety.  The overall weight of an RTS 250 race ready is 390-410lbs and an RTS 600 race ready is 600lbs.

Our record helps support our ideas.  In 2013 RTS Chassis drivers accumulated an astounding 423 feature wins and 21 track championships all over the United States and Australia!

We have a CNC Lathe, 2 – CNC Mills, and a Broaching machine all in house.  This enables us to manufacture and design many of our own parts.  We currently make axle spacers, birdcages, torsion arms, torsion stops, engine plates and numerous other parts in our facility.  With the addition of our new CNC we are making rear axles, torsion bars, upper steering shafts, and wheel centers without needed an outside machine shop.  Even if you do not have an RTS Chassis, don’t be surprised to find parts we machined on your brand car.

In 2013 we celebrated our 25th year of business.  As 2014 comes along, we are full throttle with no slowing down in sight.  Without the support of our strong customer base we would not be able to provide you with the first class products and service.

Thank You

2017 Point Champions

  • Devin Porch
    Airport Speedway - 125cc
  • Scott Soder
    I-76 Speedway - 270cc
  • Brandon Fredericks
    Deerfield Raceway - 270cc
  • Ross Perchak
    Greenwood Valley Action Track - 270cc
  • Brandon Edgar
    Shellhammer's Speedway - 270cc wingless
  • William Manotti
    Lanco Speedway - 125cc
  • Mike Rutherford
    Lanco Speedway - 270cc
  • Cameron Bellinger
    Lanco Speedway - Sportsman
  • Mike Coen
    Lanco Speedway - 4 Stroke
  • Glenn Macomber
    Hamlin Speedway - 270cc wingless
  • Jeffrey Weaver
    Clinton County Motor Speedway - 270cc
  • Tommy Kunsman
    Linda's Speedway - 270cc
  • Jeffrey Weaver
    Clinton County Motor Speedway - 600cc
  • Rick Francis
    Limerock Speedway - 270cc
  • Bradley Weber
    Trail-Way Speedway - 600cc
  • Jon Grenier
    Greenwood Valley Action Track - 125cc
  • Ryan Beatty
    Marion Center Speedway - 270cc
  • Austin Graby
    Linda's Speedway - 125cc
  • Jas Hehnly
    Shellhammer's Speedway - 125cc wingless